Shrink Wrapping Boats

Shrink-wrapping is quickly becoming the affordable alternative to Inside storage. Shrink-wrapping is done using a light weight structure utilizing a few poles and nylon strapping to hold the structure in place. The shrink-wrap is normally shrunk using an appropriate propane fueled open flamed shrink-wrap gun. Vents are normally installed into the shrink-wrap to keep moisture levels down. A properly shrink-wrapped boat will stay as clean and dry as the day it was wrapped.


shrinkwrapShrink-wrapping has become so popular that  a good number of entrepreneurial spirited individuals have set up traveling shrink wrap businesses to make a quick buck. Shrink-wrapping requires a certain level of experience, skill level, and integrity. The process uses an open flame to shrink the plastic. If done incorrectly, the plastic will spread too thin which can contribute to the premature failure of the structure; if not recognized and reinforced. Also, if done incorrectly holes will occur from place to place.


Although even the most skilled shrink-wrapper can burn a hole while shrink wrapping, an inexperienced shrink-wrapper may actually catch the shrink-wrap on fire. When this happens, flaming balls of melted shrink-wrap drip into the bottom of the boat or pontoon causing damage to the seats and carpets. These can be costly errors, and many freelance shrink wrappers do not carry the proper insurance, or have the necessary cash resources to repair the work for you. However, price isn’t everything if your boat or pontoon burns up. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin.


Shrink-wrapping will provide ample protection from rain and snow. Most structures are erected so that the shrink-wrap will shed snow, however heavy wet snows falling at a high rate can accumulate quickly. If left unattended, the structure can collapse due to neglect. This is true with pole barns and other types of storage buildings as well. The difference is that little or no damage takes place when the shrink-wrap cover fails, but when a pole barn falls on your pontoon or boat you may face a total loss.


Shrink-wrapping also provides protection from rodents. In the fall of the year most critters are busy finding permanent winter housing. So they tend to move out of the yard and into nearby buildings. Because shrink-wrapped pontoons and boats are usually parked in their winter resting only after the critters have made their move to a building, there is little likelihood that they will take up residency on your pontoon or boat.


Shrink-wrapping allows you to store your boat on your own property, where you can keep an eye on it and its valuables. Some city ordinances do not allow for this, but where it is allowed you do not need a building permit or any other special permissions to do so.


At K&J we shrink-wrap boats and pontoons if it can be shrink-wrapped we will shrink-wrap it. We are a full time year round small engine and marine repair service company we have been in business since 1995. We have been shrink-wrapping boats for18 years. We use only the best quality shrink-wrap, and shrink-wrap products. We intend to stay in business for many years to come.


We are properly insured, and we stand behind our work.

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